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Phantogram Merging Electronic and Rock

It seems like the electronic/rock duo Phantogram has been popping up everywhere.

The two who hail from Saratoga Springs, New York created their band in 2007, but have just started to take notice after performing at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. Phantogram is interesting because they could be considered alternative rock, or they could be considered electronic. I like them because they combine both, which are my favorite genres of music, and even if you don’t like electronic music you can get into them with some of their songs.

YouTube video by BBE Music

They consist of Josh Carter on guitar and vocals and Sarah Barthel on keyboard and vocals. They released their first EP, Phantogram, in March 2009, their second EP, Running From the Cops, in May 2009, and finally released their debut album, Eyelid Movies, in February 2010, which features songs from both EPs.

I feel like Phantogram is the perfect band for people that want to get into electronic music, but are a little afraid to dive in or don’t really know what is good or what to listen to. If you aren’t already submerged into the electronic music scene, I admit it can be a little intimidating to find the style you like and then find all of the artists that you can really get into.

YouTube video by Barsuk Records

Now, Phantogram is making major appearances at Coachella this weekend in Indio, California, and also at this year’s Outside Lands in San Francisco, whose lineup was posted on Monday, April 11.

Michael Fiebach, previous merchandising manager for DJ Shadow and creator of new company, Fame House, that helps artists, labels, and managers build, manage and market their online assets, saw Phantogram at SXSW and was instantly one of his favorites. “Phantogram brings a unique sound and presence to electronic music with live musicianship, and a woman lead singer,” says Fiebach. Which may seem similar to other bands like Crystal Castles, but they have a more funk and soul feel to them, while still incorporating the synthesized beats of electronic music.

Image copyright BBE Music and Phantogram

In a recent interview published by BBE Music, Phantogram describes their music saying in terms of what happens and how you feel when you are dreaming. “We ran across a description of dreams somewhere that used the phrase ‘eyelid movies’ – and it really struck us both as something that fit our music,” says the duo. “Daydreams, the spots you see moving around when your eyes are closed tight, and even the shapes you see in the world all surface when you feel your way through a Phantogram song.”

Be sure to check out Phantogram’s music and to look out for when they come to your town. Their April 15 show at the Independent in San Francisco is already sold out. 🙂

Also thanks to Michael Fiebach of Fame House for a quick interview.

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