So, what’s this all about?

I’m Alicia Fischer, a 21-year old aspiring journalist studying journalism and photography at San Francisco State University. When I’m not studying, I can be found exploring San Francisco’s different neighborhoods with my Canon camera slung around my neck or visiting my hometown of Napa to see my family.

Recently obsessed with the electronic music scene after living in Europe for the past 6 months, this blog is devoted to exploring the equally interesting electronic music community right here in San Francisco. Artists, venues, and followers are emerging all over the city and introducing different styles of electro-music, with dubstep as one of the main forms blowing up clubs and iPods everywhere.

I am excited to learn a little bit more about the electronica industry in all of its different forms and styles, and to report my findings along the way.

If there hints, tips, or things that I’ve missed, feel free to contact me at aliciamariefi@gmail.com or on Twitter.

  1. Hello

    I am a bay area musician and I was hoping my music could be featured on your blog. Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

    download link


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