Morgan Fitzgibbons: Wigg Party Leader and Dubstep Enthusiast

When non-natives think of San Francisco, I feel like the images that come to their minds are hippies, weed, and people that are trying to be environmentally friendly. Sure, we have all of those things. But we also have a really good sense of community – be it in the dubstep/electronic music world or getting together to work on a community garden.

Poster at the Wigg Party One Year Anniversary Party

I recently sat down with Morgan Fitzgibbons, co-founder of a San Francisco community organization called the Wigg Party. They focus on being a leader in their hyperlocal community of the Wiggle (which extends from lower Haight to the Panhandle) regarding sustainability and resilience.

Morgan of the Wigg Party
Morgan on the steps of his SF home.
Photo by: Julie Michelle,

They want to have fun with it, to inspire other people to follow their lead. They wear wigs, listen to electronic music, and talk about the important things impacting their community while hoping to kick up involvement with the younger generations existing in the city. Originally wanting to start in the mission, they chose the area surrounding the Panhandle to influence its young inhabitants to become more involved.

Anyone is welcome to join, but they do take their work seriously, even though they try to have fun with it. After all, the Wigg Party’s slogan is “If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable.”

Take a listen to Morgan, the man behind the mission, as he explains what the Wigg Party does.

To read a more personal version of Morgan’s story, check out his story and additional photos by Julie Michelle from her website – Her stuff is awesome!


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