EPR, Eternal Frequency, Club 6 – It’s a good week for Dubstep

As the month of February comes to a close, it is a good week for dubstep and for people to get out and let loose in the Bay Area.

Tonight, EPR – Electric Pop Rocks – returns to 525 Howard St. This time, it’s EPR’s Dubstep edition, featuring 12th Planet, Nit Grit, Getter, KTheory, and more. Presale tickets were available, but now you can only get them at the door. Get there early! The show goes from 9 pm to 2 am but over 1,000 people have already given their RSVP. To find out more about the lineup, take a peek at fellow dubstep blog Bayss, in a post EPR/DPR 139 Brings Us To 12th Planet, by Hunter Mulich.

This Friday, February 25, Eternal Frequency presented by Collective Unity will be going on in Sacramento. There are two stages, one solely dedicated to dubstep. The lineup includes 7 Electro/House DJs and 6 Dubstep or Drum&Bass DJs, including DJ Getter – who will also be at EPR! Although this isn’t in San Fran this time, it should still be given recognition since it’s in the Bay Area. And it’s All (Reponsible!) Ages!

DJ Getter
You can also catch DJ Getter live online at Filth Cabin, Wednesdays from 4-6 EPT.

For those that dont want to go all the way to Sacramento this weekend, check out Club 6 at 60th Sixth Street, between Market and Mission in SoMA. This week they are kicking off their Bass Time Continuum -their contribution to SF dubstep fans- to happen every other Friday. The lineup currently consists of all San Francisco DJs: UltraViolet, Mr. Kitt, and Stressknot. It’s only $5 after 10 pm!





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